The CV so far…

15 Dec

Over the last few months I’ve been busy, editing my CV over and over again! I’ve edited, nipped, tucked and re-written this summary of my working life dozens of times.

What I know is that there is no definitive way to write your CV.  Recruiters are always banging on about what they want to see in your CV.  More detail about the jobs you’ve done, less information about your experience, bullet points now seem to be all the rage, maybe tomorrow it’ll be a pictorial representation of your working life so far.

Of course once you have completed your perfect CV, you look at it on screen,  you admire this great work of art sitting on the screen in front of you.  This finely crafted, potted history, of your journey, from newspaper delivery boy to the middle management exec you are now. It sits there as a testament to your ability to condense your achievements, to display personal pride with just the right sprinkling of modesty.  It’s your key to the gateway that leads towards the inner-sanctum of the company you want to work for. The foot in the door that leads to your next interview.

Oh yes, and then someone sticks an application form in your face. An so you’re back to square one… Write it all out….over and over and over again…


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