Can an actor change his jobs

16 Dec

I made the choice to leave acting, stepped into the fresh air of a brave new world and thought… hang-on, seriously what can I do?

For any arts professional there is a disconnection between the world we inhabit and the 9-5 world of those around us.  Actors have an amazing coping mechanism and an ‘all in this together’ attitude to get through the harsh periods without work. We struggle to sustain a career that to the outside world can only look like madness! At times it seems just as mad to those on the inside.  But actors must be tenacious by nature, and that is one of the many qualities any employer should be excited by.

Trying to quantify your skills to fit the real world is tricky.  I began by looking at the ‘real’ jobs I’ve worked in the past – and found skills in MS Office, computer proficiency, and making good cups of tea.  I then looked at my acting resume – well I’m confident at public speaking, have a strong command of the English language, and do a lovely turn in animal characters…

Last year I started blogging, and much to my surprise those skills, alongside SEO and social media, are in demand. So I’ve thrown my perfect CV out to the winds and tried to find a career in marketing and digital media.  Why marketing? Well it’s creative, it’s varied, it’s got good career opportunities, and it’s always looking at where to find its next audience.  It’s almost like acting for grownups!


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