The great job search

13 Jan

One of the trickiest things I’ve had to do is finding what it is I want to do. There is a world of job opportunities out there, and so many fantastic directions to go off in that it’s almost bewildering.

As a career changer I’ve a relatively successful career behind me, but now I’m looking for something more to get my teeth into, something that offers me a more structured career path. Where to start?  I recently read a brilliant quote:

“Quite often, we are simply unaware of the opportunities that surround us because we are too focused on looking for something else.” Richard Wiseman: The Luck Factor 

So I set my self a challenge to broaden my search and not to write off other potential careers.  I looked at a major job site like Guardian Jobs and TotalJobs and did a broad base search on jobs within a certain pay bracket. Grabbed a spreadsheet – I do love a bit of Excel – and then job by job and rate it each potential career:

1  Dream Job
2  Exciting Career
3  Acceptable job
4  Never

Then using the power of Excel, sort your list.  Suddenly I’ve found a bunch of jobs, which I’d’ have never considered. Essentially I’m looking at fulfilling my objective that is: To begin a new career in a full time position.

My focus can now be on jobs rating 1-2, glimpse at 3 but disregard anything in 4.

As an actor it was always important to define objectives and super-objectives. As a career changer I’m finding it just as important.


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